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Publications Media Kit

Publications Media Kit

Important ordering information:

  • Inner page links mean we can only link to blog posts or articles on the client site.
  • Homepage links mean we can link to their home page, or blog post, and also quote someone from the company and mention their brand name.
  • Features mean we can do an article entirely about the client.  After an article is published, we then invoice you the amount shown in the table below.
  • We send you an article draft before publication so you can suggest changes and approve content.
  • Sites in Red are ‘no follow‘
  • Discounts work like this: Order 5 articles, get 10% off. Order 10, get 15% off. And so on up to 30% off.

Below are samples links from all these big authority sites if you need more links from CNN.com, BBC.com or any other sites please contact us at info@livertigo.com

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